Posted on 05/12/2011


Hello readers,

Welcome to MonkeyMastermind_inc. My name is Victor Wyatt and I am going to be running this blog page. But let me tell you what this site is all about..

For a long time now I been wanting to create a site where I can gather a group of readers and entertain them. Everyone in this world has an interest, so why hide it when you can share it? I have a lot of interests to share, from cars to cool gadgets and photography. The things I do, the cars I build, the projects I work on, that is what I will be sharing. And with that I hope to catch many people of this worlds attention to view my blog and hopefully catch some inspiration while reading.

That is what MonkeyMastermind_inc is all about, now let me share a little insight about my self.. My personal interests are all over the place, from cars to racing and clothing to gadgets. Cars are one of my biggest interests, in person I honestly hate to admit it to people but here I cannot lie. I highly enjoy taking my car to track events, whether it is circuit/drifitng/auto-X, there is not a time I didn’t enjoy it. It has been eight years since I’ve had my first track event, and until this day I never get tired of it.

Well again, welcome to MMastermind_inc. I hope you all will stay and keep track of my status’s, pass this site to others for them to enjoy as much as you did. Thank you and follow up!

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